Which Lightroom?

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Which Lightroom?

N.B. 1) If you don’t use / like Lightroom, you can ignore this thread - it’s not for you

N.B. 2) This thread isn’t about the pros/cons of subscription fees and the evilness or not of that model.  There are lots of threads on that elsewhere too

As a user of Lightroom, the announcement of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic filled me with some dread. Sifting through some of the noise is a bit more revealing.

This link gives some useful comparisons between the versions: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-cc-vs-classic-features

Reading that through my conclusion is:

- Lightroom Classic.  Pretty much exactly what we have now as an application but with a focus on speeding up what has become a sluggish beast.  Key aspects of non-destructive RAW editing combined with single & batch processing (Import, Edit, Export etc) are retained.  It doesn’t in any meaningful way seem to have addressed editing on multiple devises beyond what we currently have (which is very clunky).

- Lightroom CC.  Stripped down version that looks to be aimed at single image non-destructive editing with little or no batch processing elements retained.  Cloud based to leverage multi-device easy sharing.  Editing side looks pretty strong, sort of Photoshop Elements style.

So two very different tools.  For me, I welcome the focus on speeding up the speed of Classic.  That’s been my main bug bear and if that improves significantly I will be happy to stick with what is a useful tool.

What I do think they have missed with Classic is in providing a very easy tool to import on one device (tablet or laptop)  and seamlessly sync to another master device later.  This is a tool that ‘Classic’ type users do need and it’s different from a cloud centric model.  The current manual mucking about with export / import catalogue is pretty rubbish.

Lightroom CC isn’t for me as a complete solution simply because I need some of the power of batch editing provided by Classic when RAW editing.  I also want to control how my photos are held and organized.  Finally, I use cloud storage a lot so I’m no Luddite there but I’m not using any cloud service for storage unless it  has my data encrypted at rest and full control of keys under my control.  So far, it looks to me that this is not the model Adobe are using. I infer this because Adobe seem to be using server-side AI techniques which won’t work well on encrypted files.

I can see why Lightroom CC might be attractive to many to whom the existing Lightroom is rather too powerful for their needs.

Comments welcome...

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