Canon G1x in the face of the MK3... a Review

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Canon G1x in the face of the MK3... a Review

Hi All,

So with all the discussion around the announcement of the Canon G1x Mk3 I thought i'd take another look at the original - and i was surprised.

I'd been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Mk3 and have been following the talk for the most part - trying to form an opinion on whether this would be a good camera for a trip to Japan in December when i remembered that the aperture range on the original is almost identical to the Mk3 (2.8-5.8, although it's a 4x zoom rather than 3x) so i took it for a spin to see if this is actually a limiting issue - Turns out it's not - even for the original.

Pro's of the original
• Image quality is excellent - i'd be happy with this on my trip
• Battery life is better than expected
• Lens is sharp - slight improvement in corners on stopping down at wide angle
• Focus actually not that bad

Con's of the original
• Size - the word chunky comes to mind
• Viewfinder - completely useless getting rid of it was the best design choice of the Mk2
• Operation is SLOW - the screen goes black for about 1.5sec after each shot
• Menu/interface is showing it's age
• Lens Cap - fiddly
• not threaded for a UV filter
• I'm not such a fan of the vari angle flip out screens

Looking forward to the Mk3
If the lens is sharp (and the one on the original is good enough for me) then i don't think the "slow" aperture range is going to be an issue. I'd expect the new IS system to blow away the old one and the general operational speed of the camera to trounce this one. I'd also expect better DR, especially highlight recovery. The reduction in camera body size and weight will be greatly appreciated and the drop to a 3x zoom is negated by the resolution increase to a degree (although obviously not the same...) - at least for me. The viewfinder... although i wish it wasn't there i also wonder if it's how i'll end up using the camera most of the time since i'm not a fan of this type of flipout screen and hopefully it uses less battery power. - I'd also assume it's going to have better AF thanks to DPAF although it original isn't fast, it didn't miss any shots during my 2 days of giving it a spin.

Now whether the new Mk3 is worth the money seems to be coming down to a question of ergonomics and frustration with the slow speed of the original, i can't wait 1.5sec to confirm it even took a shot (sure i could just trust it - but... no) and flipping the screen out to the side and around to protect it from scratches is driving me nuts (trying not to scratch it in a bag) - i also hope that new lens has a filter thread so i can stick a UV/protector on the front and forget about lens caps

The original G1x - surprisingly excellent image quality - Hugely frustrating user experience. Check out the photos i've uploaded, noise levels are good, shadow recovery is good, highlight recovery could be better and i can push about 2.5 stops before any banding appears. It's tempting not to spend the money on the Mk3 as the image quality from the original is fine - but the frustration of operating this camera on a holiday in world of 2017 might be enough to make me throw it off a bridge (after removing the SD card of course) - so i think if the original is anything to go by Canon can shut up and take my money.











in the theme of silly UK vloggers responsible for the first terrible G1xMk3 samples

Shadow/highlights both at max recovery

straight raw conversion



shadow/highlight at max recovery


IS doing it's job

"quick" grab shot - while it focused and got the shot, i'd taken 4 or 5 steps out the door before the preview came up on the screen

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