Older M, Leica Newbie Experience (4Pics)

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Older M, Leica Newbie Experience (4Pics)

Hello again,

My M 240 arrived today and I thought I would drop in and say thanks again for the useful sites, one had a very useful FAQ.

So from a DSLR shooter perspective, the M 240 is a lot like my previous Sony A7RII experiencing since I was using the EVF my first time out. But I quickly want to say, I love my new Leica and didn't like my A7Rii at all despite trying 3 times with the Sony.

What I like so far:

Built like a tank!

Substantial in hands, it doesn't feel like a toy like a lot of cameras do these days.

Nice warm images

I like the EVF experience, lol, only one thing, that is pictures tend to look better than they are on it.

My Nikkor lenses work really well with he Kipon adapter.

Easy to adapt as a new user coming over to the Leica domain.


The outer edges can get a little soft on some lenses, but i was not surprised, was same way on the Sony and just requires I use my best glass.

Battery life was good considering how much I used the EVF.

A few settings are a little tricky to find, still learning

Highlights blow a little easier than other cameras, need to adjust my -EV to compensate.

Here are my first pics from today's walk.

All photographed with Leica M 240 and Nikkor 20 UD.

And one of the new Camera for fun!

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