First and Last Canon Printer EVER -Terrible Customer support

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K E Hoffman
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First and Last Canon Printer EVER -Terrible Customer support

This comes under the heading of should you consider customer support when buying a printer or other gear... Yes.

A week ago was a happy NEW Canon customer. I bypassed Epson and got the Canon based in not only price but some videos about the print quality I saw. I had an old HP B9180 that the no longer make ink for etc... (When I had it and it had a problem they shipped a replacement overnight... That is support)

One call to customer support at Canon's online store and I can tell you my next photo-printer will be an Epson. (I use them for my office printers)

Do I really want to be a customer when they would prefer to argue with me, tell me what happened was impossible etc. vs apologize and find an amicable solution to a problem their website management caused or at least once say "I'm sorry our site created this confusion."

What happened:

So last week I was getting ink for my new Canon Pro 10 printer. Not a bad deal with the rebate. Canon has run a couple of really nice deals on 13x19 paper if you buy $30 in ink. I have 5 boxes of 13x19 paper that were free after two ink orders. Probably more 13x19 than I will use in a year or two. so when Slickdeals linked to Canon's site for a Buy 1 get 9 deal on small 20 packs of Letter Gloss paper.. I didn't seem unusual.

It was high gloss which I didn't have and people like. Buy one get Nine free. So I get it, but unlike the other deals I don't see the extra paper listed in the cart. But it says on the order page. " If you need more than 10, contact us. " BestBuy does that sometimes.

But since the cart wasn't doing the advertised deal. I took a screen cap of everything so it had my clock on the task bar etc.

Sure enough box shows up with one pack of paper.. and at normal prices I would probably go to Red River..

Chat Support keeps telling me "it wasn't our site" which it was.

Phone support helps us get where the problem was... buried in the URL at the top of the page... no where on the page itself.. is didn't see that and not one place on the page did it say November.. or even Cyber Monday which we all know companies do Cyber Monday sales all the time.

But now we know what the problem was. Someone left a sale page live on their site someone found it and reported it on Slick Deals So a good support system would own up, apologize for the confusion and offer a compromise of some kind to make up for their mistake.

Three Canon Support people told me:

  • Not on our site:
  • That's an old ad on someone else's site
  • If you click a link that's the problem you can't expect us to be responsible if you clicked a link. (she clearly doesn't understand the Internet)
  • I was told "we are not responsible for a cached site." I wasn't cached it was live page on their site... I have screen cap to show it.
  • "I don't have to do ANYTHING for you based on a technicality"
  • No one ever asked to see the screen capture.
  • No one ever said I am sorry if a site glitch mis-lead you
  • No one acted like a Canon customer has much value to them. Denying blame and winning the argument were most important. One them might be President someday

After we found the URL good process is "can I send you one extra pack or something." would have totally diffused the situation.  HecK Amazon would ship the nine paper packs but few companies are as pro-customer as Amazon is.

Keep in mind Amazon once sent me a New Generator when the one they shipped before had been and open box, but sold new, never once suggested I prove the one I got was an Open box. Then told me to keep both. They also when a sowing machine we needed for the weekend was missed shipped gave us $100 credit to cover the cost of buying it locally so we could make a deadline. Amazon rocks and its why I spend thousands with them over the years.

So its sad to see a company that clearly has no policy to work with the customer when mistakes were made. It was like a politician telling you they never said something you have them on video saying.

So I will use the printer and the paper and ink. I will run Precision Color ink after that until the printer wears out and I am done with Canon forever..

As bad as Some say Sony support can be. I had them honor an expired warranty and then warranty the whole camera another 6 months after the repair. And they did say they were sorry the camera had failed.

When you get two support people and a supervisor who all argue, never say sorry for the mistake on their site, and tell you it never happened. That is a company training and policy. I will spend my money with a company that values the customer.

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