Severe Low Light Test REDO (by your request)

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Severe Low Light Test REDO (by your request)

OK guys I aim to please. So here's 3 shots taken near the same time on the same subject with low enough light I could NOT see the face of the clock to any great degree as the sun was receding to the point it would require a good focus system to have a prayer of getting on the subject. Once again the RX10MkIV did NOT let me down. So this test is as follows. The 1st shot was taken with eh Handheld Twilight setting, the 2nd was takin as a long exposure single shot (my personal favorite way to do such things but requiring a tripod) and 3rd was the MFNR mode you guys so love, so wanted to have that as a comparison as well. I have not touched these files one bit, they are right out of the camera and uploaded so if you want to play with them go right ahead. I'll just sit back and hear what all you have to say. I'm not offended as I feel all are decent examples of what can be had. I DO feel obviously, the long exposure offers the finest quality in a larger file, i feel right behind it was the MFNR and THEN last but not least the HHT. For some weird reason the HHT was a lower exposure, I had NOTHING to do with that physically, just the way the camera decided to do it so please don't sling anything at me. I'm innocent

The Handheld Twilight Shot

This was the long exposure single shot

And finally the MultiFrameNoiseReduction shot

Enjoy I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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