Lightroom 6 will be the last Lightroom to be perpetual

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Re: Lightroom 6 will be the last Lightroom to be perpetual

Dimi Koan wrote:

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Dimi Koan wrote:

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What's bizarre is that the new Lightroom Classic CC is missing features

Is it missing features? Or is it just the current Lightroom CC, renamed, with no new ones?

They have added range mask option to adjustment brushes and graduated filters which I found extremely useful. Alnd it's much faster now, especially when using spot removal tool. Great update in my opinion.

So it is not missing features (compared to last month's Lightroom CC 2015.8), but actually has new ones?

Adobe – Lightroom Classic CC – New Features

It seems so.

I was confused by the Lightroom CC which is missing features and Lightroom Classic CC.


  • Color labels are gone in Lightroom CC.
  • Due to a revamp of the keyword architecture, keywords do not sync between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC via Creative Cloud.
  • Keywords do ride along when migrating a Lightroom Classic CC catalog into Lightroom CC, but any hierarchical keywords are simplified. Lightroom CC does away with hierarchies, so if you have a photo tagged with a nested group such as, “outdoors > forest > Oregon,” those are added as three separate keywords: “outdoors, forest, Oregon.”
  • Migrating a catalog turns off Creative Cloud sync in Lightroom CC 2015/Lightroom 6. You need to upgrade to Lightroom Classic CC to continue syncing.
  • Lightroom CC cannot print.
  • Currently, the only sharing options from within Lightroom CC are to export to disk or share to Facebook.
  • Lightroom CC has no Web or Book modules.
  • Similarly, there’s no Map module, although location data does appear in the Info panel when it’s available. However, there’s currently no ability to add location info to photos that don’t already have it, or copy and paste locations between images.
  • There is no HDR or Panorama merge features in Lightroom CC. These are features Adobe has said are on the table to add in an upcoming release.
  • Lightroom CC does not offer tethered capture.
  • Lightroom CC has just one library, tied to your Adobe ID; the notion of working with separate catalogs is being left behind.
  • Lightroom CC uses Adobe Sensei search technology to identify elements of photos based on visual content, and tags the images behind the scenes (the keywords aren’t user-accessible). This feature is good for people who don’t bother to keyword their photos in the first place, because they can perform searches for items like “coffee” and get results without any prior work. However, Sensei search requires an active Internet connection; the search happens on the server, not locally."
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