Rx0 Initial Thoughts

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Rx0 Initial Thoughts

My Rx0 came in today, and I'm finding a few things to be... well... stupid. There is no way to setup playmemories at the moment it seems, so as far as I can tell there's no wireless remote option for this like they kept touting would exist at launch (up to 5 cameras simultaneously and whatnot).

Scrolling through the sony menus with 6 buttons is as absurd as you would expect.

There's no way to do a timelapse, none of the in camera apps even exist as far as the camera is concerned.

There's no way to auto rotate the video. You can dive into the menu and manually switch from up to down, but you can't set it to automatically flip when you flip the camera.

There's no way to change the video quality aside from going into the menus, as with every other Sony camera.

There seems to be a continuous 1080 120p record option that was not discussed or listed anywhere upfront.  The fact that this option exists, but 4k30 doesn't is very odd.  If we can get 1080 in the 50M codec, surely we can do 1/4th the framerate and 4x the resolution and deal with the fact that it's not a 100M codec like an RX100 or above.

The focus modes are weird, and it's almost impossible to tell if anything is in focus, or anything is changing when you try to focus on such a small screen.

No AF-C is confirmed, though they never mentioned that publicly, just quietly listed it in the spec sheet.

Usb charging is the only possible method right now, and it's difficult to tell if the battery is really charged as Sony cameras don't have a battery percentage.

There's a setting I've not seen before having to do with prefocus. "NEAR Mode in PF", which I assume sets the camera up to focus close? But I'm not sure why I need to tell it my target is near, it should just be able to focus on it.

No artificial horizon (which is something I'm gonna miss for sure whether I can get by without it or not).

There's basically no way you can hand hold this without adding some weight and a handle to it to keep it steady, or a gimbal. I knew going in that it had zero stabilization, but being such a small formfactor it's insanely hard to hold steady.

You can turn off either the front, or both record lights

Micro SD card slot is awful, it's designed to also fit Sony's proprietary media, and the micro sd card can go in any number of wrong ways as a result.

The monitor can be turned off for recording, or left on, but if you leave it on it does shut off after a few minutes.

Sony literally had zero consideration for the limited number of controls on this. All of the things that are annoying and difficult to do on the other RX cameras are just as annoying, plus you can only use the awkward arrow keys to get to them.

As of now zero distributors have any accessories in stock for this, least of all batteries.

Overall I like the camera, I just can't believe it's missing things like apps. If they weren't gonna put timelapse in there, they at least should have allowed me to put the app I bought for my other RX and alpha cameras on there.

I realize some of what I'm asking for sounds like I expected a gopro, but that's not what I really expected. I expected a mini RX100V with fixed aperture and focal length. The lack of apps at launch really sucks. Whether this is a gopro competitor or not (it isn't), a gopro is something you'd use in many of the same situations. Mounting to a dashboard for a road trip timelapse, or just a landscape/city timelapse is such an obvious one.

I've already checked and there isn't any firmware available, so it's not like they shipped them with unfinished firmware and expected us to update right away.

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