Which tripod legs would you pick up with my setup ?

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Re: Which tripod legs would you pick up with my setup ?

For architecture and landscape the ability to quickly level the head is important to me. This is especially so outdoors where I may move the tripod around and I do not want to a lot of spend time getting the top of the legs level again.

Two tripods that solve this problem for me are the Gitzo 2531LVL tripod and the heavier duty Feisol CT-3472 Elite with the addition of the Feisol LB-7575 Leveling Base ($84). The advantage of the Feisol is that it costs less, goes higher, has options for a standard top plate or the quick level head or even a center column and switching from one setup to the next takes only a minute to do. The Feisol has as good or better built quality than the Gitzo tripods I have owned and with Feisol you get a very nice carry case instead of a cloth sack as with Gitzo. l

Be aware that quality control and customer service are way down with Gitzon at the present time. I bought two Gitzo tripod legs and had to return both of them as they arrived with broken parts. That is when I investigated many other brands before deciding on the Feisol legs. I use the Feisol legs with my cameras and lenses up to the 11 lb. 600mm f/4 and it is rock solid even with the legs fully extended.

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