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Ben Herrmann wrote:

The point I was trying to make here is that for those of us who enjoy the IQ from the X-A series of cameras, the X-A3 had so many operational idiosyncrasies, that is was obvious that FW updates would be needed to get the camera where it needed to be. But now, to see the X-A5 pending in the mill, I'm sure many of us X-A3 owners are now balking at the fact that this short-lived model will be replaced in the near future - without any plans for FW updates to at least bring the X-A3 up to par.

Frankly, I think it is naive to buy a camera (or anything else, really) on the premise of how it might be improved in the future. Buy something that has features you want. If it is improved, that’s gravy. If it’s not, you still got what you wanted (or at least what you *chose*). The possibility that a future camera may have more features, or your current camera may not get many (free) updates is beside the point. What you buy, you have. No-one is confiscating the A3 you chose to purchase, or reducing the features it had when you bought it.

If you have buyer’s remorse, perhaps more delay in purchasing is a better solution than complaining about new and improved cameras *possibly* being offered *in the future*.

If this sounds harsh, well, I choose to disagree. Your argument that Fuji shouldn’t consider offering an improved camera that would benefit customers because you might have to settle for fewer features *beyond what you purchased*, that is harsh.

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