Recommendation for a Compact Photo Printer that is NOT Selphy

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Recommendation for a Compact Photo Printer that is NOT Selphy

Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase a new Compact Photo Printer for my business. I need something I can take with me to events and doesn't weigh me down in the process. I currently use PictureMate PM225 by Epson and have used that series for a number of years now. Seems with each new model they release they come with fewer features and break easier than the ones in the past. I used to boast about Epson but the quality of their hardware has become garbage. Print heads go bad or always need calibrating, among a host of other issues.

I tried to use Cannon's Selphy printers but they are VERY slow and I just never cared for them. I bought the newest model with the Wifi capability and it's not all that it promotes. It's pretty much a throwaway printer. Something to use temporarily in a bind.

Can anyone recommend a different solution? Something under the $400 price point.

I need at the very least, these options:

Do 4x6 prints or 2x3 (keychain sizes)
Built-in memory card reader
Wifi or Bluetooth capabilities
Something faster than 60 secs
Minor Editing (such as cropping)
Doesn't need extra hardware to operate (no tablet and software)
Have the option for an external battery

Any help to point me in this direction would be very helpful. For some reason, these manufacturers have forgotten about this market and haven't come out with anything useful for some years now. Either that or I have been looking in the wrong area!

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