Buying a new MacBookPro - for Lr - 13" or 15"

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Buying a new MacBookPro - for Lr - 13" or 15"


I am bequeathing my late-2010 macbookAir to my kids for homework purposes. I'm thinking the new 13" w/ touch bar (because it seems like fun).

i'm a strict amateur photographer but I use Lr for just about everything. I do hate how slow this 2010 runs Lr, especially, it seems, when my external monitor is connected.

My question to the group is whether or not I should go for the dual core 13" or quad 15".

I have a preference for the 13" because it is smaller and easier to carry back and forth to work.

It looks like the variables are: a - processor speed, b - # of cores (dual or quad), c - gb of memory, d - hard drive storage, e - graphic card choice on the 15" only

So the question (and maybe it was already answered and you can point me in the right direction) is: if my preference is a 13" should I get more processor speed and more memory?

Or if the quad core is desired, and I get less processor speed & less memory but quad - will that work Lr also?

Budget wise - I could go to 3k. the top end 13" runs about 2,899 on the Apple website (3.5ghz, 16gb mem, 1tb drive). That's as high as you go on the 13". The 15" can go much higher, into the low $4,000's....with a graphic card option etc. Is all that worth it? will the top end 13" run Lr well enough for an amateur use, processing a few 100 photos a month?

Thank you all in advance for any help,


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