Using X-T2 for continious recording, overheating issues

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Using X-T2 for continious recording, overheating issues

Short background:

I’m helping my wife filming her classes in high school. (Let’s put aside questioning filming, as it is not against any laws or regulations here in China)

I use 4 different cameras to have more angles to work with (first 3 are fixed on position, 4th is in my hands):

1. GoPro Hero2, filming in 1080p: used as wide angle from front to back, used the least, as video quality is the worst

2. GoPro Hero4 Silver, filming in 2.7k: used as wide angle from front corner to back corner, used for major wide shots

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, filming in 1080p (as there is time limit 10min in 4k): used for filming from back to front (facing blackboard)

4. Fuji X-T2, filming in 4k, with XF50-140 lens: used for close-ups

I use Premiere Pro CC 2017 for editing. My workflow is to import all tracks and put them in 2x2 matrix, synchronize them and export. Then my wife watches it as a whole and select sequences she would like to keep. Then is my job to choose among visually most appealing camera angle for those clips.

To cut to the chase, what I found out is that X-T2 has overheating issue. My idea was to keep filming for whole 10 minutes to reach time limit and the hit record button again. That would leave me 5 recorded files and I would need to handle synchronization for 5 times. It’s already difficult enough.

But actually I get warning for overheating quite early in the process, after first 10-12 minutes. If I kept filming, it came to red warning and recording ended. I had to turn camera off to cool it down for couple of minutes. Of course it reached warning earlier next time, as there was not enough time to cool it off completely. I was left with total 12 files within 45 minutes, making my life miserable when attempting to make synchronization between the clips.

I used original Fuji -S battery, without Vertical Power Grip (as I don’t have it yet). Room temperature was actually room temperature: 22°C. Single point C-AF. So I would say normal conditions.

To be clear, I’m well aware such cameras are not meant to be used for continuous recording. General usage is to record short couple of second or up to few minutes long clips. However, I will actually need to record continuously in the future in such occasions, so I’m looking for solutions. I don’t plan to use any other camera, because this is what I got and generally get good results with it.

1. Has anyone used X-T2 for continuous recording and came across overheating issues? How did you handle it, found any solutions?

2. Will adding Vertical Power Booster grip help (besides beneficial increasing time limit to 30 minutes)?

I will be happy to hear any suggestion.

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