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captura wrote:

I have been using the Edge browser with the Bing search engine and have found it to be far superior to the Google search engine this past few years. Google's cencorship is in synch with 'fake news' disinformation from Facebook and others. So a lot of information available to Google users is no longer there. Google themselves, following a flurry of criticism had promised to restore their search engine, but I do not see any improvements yet.

Interesting! I just added the Bing search engine to Firefox on Linux. I haven't used Google search on Linux in a couple of years. I only use Google search on Windows (at work) when I can't find something with Startpage. Sometimes I use Bing search on Windows, and find it to be good for travel questions. I'll definitely use Bing more now that I can select it on Linux.

Why is the Bing icon green now? It used to be amber/orange.

I wasn't interested in Edge browser until I heard it will run on Android and iOS. I'll try it for sure on Android.

I should mention that I am very happy with the speed of the Beta version of Firefox which I have installed on two laptops.

Thanks, good to know.

Add-on Zoom Page WE does not seem to work correctly. It can't keep track of font size for different pages, and the buttons sometimes don't do what they should. Hopefully it gets fixed before my switch to Quantum. All I really want is a single-button toggle for the about:config setting browser.zoom.full (true/false).

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