Reducing image size for website

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Reducing image size for website

Not sure if this is the right place but as a Mac user…

I am changing one of my websites primarily currently text and few photos to primarily photos (still only, no video/movie) and a little text. Currently, the total size of the site including approximately 150 images is about 128MB, comprising some 385 items.

Most of the photos image size that I shall be using are approximately 35MB each. Using Lightroom 6, I shall be reducing each image size for the web. Original format is Raw. Pixel size 4.88 µm 7360 × 4912 pixels (36.3 megapixels). I'll export to jpg.

As I understand, photo sharing sites impose a limit on image size primarily to avoid overloading their servers. I don't have that issue. However, I don't want my image sizes to be so big that to view the photos on-screen one has to allow a long time (what seems like forever) for each photo to be displayed. It's not a commercial site and I don't have to cater for outdated monitors or slow connection speeds, but I'd like the viewing to be an enjoyable experience.

The software I shall be using consists of thumbnail and lightbox for each photo, the software incorporates a 'lazy loading' feature: images only load as the user scrolls down.

The photos will first display as a thumbnail and then user click to full (lightbox) size and/or retina lightbox size. It's suggested respective sizes should be thumbnail 60KB each, lightbox 500KB each, and retina lightbox 1.6MB each.

i shall have numerous pages on the website for different subjects so the total size of the site is a factor - my IPS says I can have up to 1TB at no extra charge. I haven't decided upon the total number of images or the total number per page (although presumably that doesn't make any difference) - I won't know that until I've prepared a draft for final edit/removal - but let's say at least 1,000 images.

What I'd like to know please if whether I should follow the suggested sizes - thumbnail 60KB each, lightbox 500KB each, and retina lightbox 1.6MB each - or if I could increase the image size without prejudicing the viewing experience and if so what would be a reasonable maximum for each thumbnail, lightbox and retina image, all things considered. Also, bearing in mind the image size start to start with, what percentage for jpeg would maintain the quality?

Thanks in anticipation. 

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