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Leica Q questions

Hi all-

I am getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on buying a Q, and I've done a lot of homework to know the camera as best I can without having actually used one.   I am trying to simplify my life and force myself to carry a one camera/one lens solution rather than a camera and three lenses (currently using Panasonic MFT system which I actually like a lot- particularly the 15mm Panaleica lens which gives a 30mm-equivalent field of view).

My favorite types of photography are rural landscapes, modern architecture (as abstracts) and city street photography using saturated colors for landscapes or strong black-and-white renderings for the architecture and street photos.   I almost always have a polarizing filter on my lenses.

I've held the Q and am comfortable with the feel of it in my hand.   I don't foresee any problem with the 28mm focal length- I do a lot of wide angle work (I checked my most-used focal lengths in LR and it turns out 24mm and 28mm-30mm are my most-used focal lengths).

I'm hoping some current owners can answer some questions I still have, that I have not been able to answer by reading the owners manual or any of the many, many online reviews of the camera.

Is it possible to set the EVF and/or LCD screen to black and white while shooting RAW or RAW+JPEG?  I do a lot of black and white work (from RAW file), and having the viewfinder or screen set that way helps me to "see" in B&W.   I realize of course that in shooting RAW or RAW+JPEG, I'll have a full color version in the RAW file, but I'd like the EVF or LCD to be in B&W.  I have searched the owners manual for this and can't find any reference to how to set the EVF or LCD except for brightness.

I've read that some owners think the color cast in the EVF is not accurate.   The one I looked through did seem to be biased toward blue on AWB.  I set the camera WB to Daylight, then back to AWB and it then seemed better.  Any issues with the color tint of the EVF, or is this just in my head (and apparently some others' also)?

Is the banding problem really solved in the 2.0 firmware? I've read some reviews that say yes, but some owners say they still see it.

Is there any way to set the 35mm or 50mm crop ratios to fill the viewfinder frame instead of showing the frame lines? I don't think I'll use 50mm much but probably will use 35mm, and I'm concerned that the view will be too small (especially for 50mm) to see what I'm photographing.  I'm not really interested in seeing what is just outside my frame- in fact I find that distracting.  If I want to see my surroundings, I can use my left eye to peak around the camera.

In that same vein of discussion, if you shoot in 35mm or 50mm crop, does the review mode (which I assume is a JPEG) show the crop filling the viewfinder or LCD? Or are you still looking at a full-frame 28mm photo that only shows up as a crop in LR?

I've read differing recommendations on whether or not to use OIS in the Q.  I don't understand how it can degrade images; I use it all the time in my Panasonic camera.

I do want to buy a leather half-case for it and I'm looking for recommendations.  My preference would be for a case with a detachable LCD cover and a tripod screw on the bottom (so I can use it on a tripod without removing it from the case).

Also, regarding a half-case, I'm curious how many buy a half-case with a built-in grip vs. without.  I'm thinking I'd want the grip for a more secure hold on the camera.   I'm thinking if I get a case with a grip, I won't need a Thumbs Up.  Thoughts?  Anybody using a case with grip AND a Thumbs Up?

Finally, I recognize that many owners never use a flash with their Q, but I do like occasional outdoor fill flash to open up shadows (particularly on portraits), and the leaf shutter of the Q is a big plus because you can use higher shutter speeds.  My question: do I need a TTL flash such as the SF-40 (overpriced for the Nissin i40 that it really is), or can I effectively use any small non-TTL flash on Auto or Manual without having to do a lot of calculations in my head to balance with ambient light?  If I use a non-TTL flash on Auto and dial in the ISO and focal length into the flash, and set the camera to -1 stop exposure, will I correctly get a properly exposed subject with a one-stop underexposed background (or do I need TTL for this)?

Sorry for the long list of questions, but thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


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