Polarizing Filters

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Re: Polarizing Filters

Never used on a pure blue sky with a lens wider than 50mm due to banding that your eye will not notice as your brain knows that the sky is almost uniform side to side. Similarly users of EVF may not notice the effects of turning the polariser if they have auto brightness as the darkening sky leads to the foreground getting brighter. Used to cut down on distance haze and to cut out reflections on leaves, autumn or otherwise, however this sometimes brings saturation levels that look false. Used with care in rivers and on wet rocks to darken, again the effect can be a little too dramatic and the bright water can often darken to the same general brightness as the banks, but experiment with spinning the filter to see the effect. Maximum polarisation will look great for the first few weeks but like every new toy (HDR) a little experience and subtlty can bring great rewards. Ken

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