Gear for upcoming Tokyo trip

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Gear for upcoming Tokyo trip

Hi guys

I have a family vacation coming up next month. As a father of a very active 4 year-old boy, I have been shooting quite casually for all my past trips. By that, I mean that I never had the time to stop at a place for the perfect moment, and the vast majority of my shots are candid and handheld.

Over time, I noticed that there was no family potrait after no less than 10 trips over the past few years. My wife thought it would be a great idea to invest in a tripod and see where it takes us, especially when we are visiting Tokyo next month.

My current gear consists of a D750 with just 2 lenses, the 50mm and 20mm, both being f/1.8G. I plan to get a 85mm f/1,8G next but that doesn't need to come before the trip.

I also got myself a Lowepro Pro tactic BP 450 for the trip (to carry other stuffs too if you wonder about the need for such a big bag considering my minimal gear- yes I have shot with my hand(s) holding shopping bags so I need this).

My questions really are:

1. I plan to get a Manfrotto Befree tripod. Would the maximum height of 56.7" be a lmitation? I have never shot using a tripod, hence I am having difficulty imagining if I would be restricted by this height.

2. Would there be any place where tripod is not allowed in Tokyo? Or anything that I should be mindful of as to not tick people off?

3. I do not intend to carry more than 2 lenses with me in my bag and I have preference for prime as I like natural light. Would there be better combination of lenses that I should consider? say the 28mm or 35mm?

4. I have tried street photography in Bangkok / Taipei / Bali, nothing too intimidating (not in the face / close up). Would japanese find it offensive if I just shoot away, say, from a distance of 5-15 feet? Quite frankly, I can't speak Japanese and I shoot candidly, so asking before each shot seems impractical.

5. Any other gear or preparation which you think might help.

Feel free to throw any comments or ideas at me regarding the gear / weight / planning of the trip, etc.



Nikon D750
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