Would you buy a camera in another colour ?

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Re: Depends on the colour.

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It's only a matter of time until cameras come with changeable "skins" like some other devices anyway I suspect. I don't think I would buy one though. No doubt the contents of that skin would be more limited as the marketing of the skin eclipsed the importance of everything else.

Fuji have marketed alternative skins and textures and colours for some models for years. Even offering a fitting service.

Not sure whether they still do so.

Have a look at their web site using the link below for an eye-opener.


Say what you want about Fuji. They have made some very cool looking cameras lately (even in the real world outside of advertising.) I'm seriously thinking of getting myself one for X-Mas.

Discounting all their other virtues, they are very satisfying cameras to own and use, even without a green crocodile skin.

I suspected as much.  Back in the day Fuji film did half my colour work simply because I loved the qualities of it.  I personally preferred it over Kodachrome even.  It felt more accurate and clean even ignoring its lower price.  I've seen a few Fuji digitals around and apart from Leicas they are the only ones that engender a touch of rare envy in me.

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