Challenge 479: Forests and Woods .... RESULTS !

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Challenge 479: Forests and Woods .... RESULTS !

Dear everyone

I spent the afternoon looking at all your entries, looking at them at the submitted size and resolution and looking for quality, impact, composition, and art.

Altogether a good dozen images impressed me to grade them. I started giving the first one 2 points and went from there: some became 1s, other 3s and so forth. Then I revisited the graded ones and adjusted the grades from there.

Here are the results:

THIRD prize: (2 entries in a tie)

Val Bueno's Kyoto shot

I liked it especially for its oppositional triangles: the hill makes the bottom triangle, the blue sky on the left makes for a triangular wedge, and the gray sky above the blue and the trees is a third triangle. And those pleased me very much!

Next Bill Borne and the frozen branches

What wonderful lace they are!

Next second place (again shared in a tie)

First RLBur of the Louisiana Purchase swamp.

The image looks so clean and serene and the stone submerged in the muck. Lets me think about and envision history ...

And Mike Geier with a little help from B B who took out the marine date:

So clean cut and enthralling. I wish I were there and could hear the water run and see the moss dangle ...

And now for the grand FIRST Prize:

A picture taken right on time's edge when a little opening in the canopy let the sun shine on a wee small piece of woods and RL was quick enough to get his camera set to catch the light before the sun moved on another 20 seconds. Cartier-Bresson would be proud of you: the deciding moment caught perfectly (in my eyes). Congrats!

Do look at the image in full resolution, please.


Now last but not least two Honorable Mentions:

Summer Forest by bjotings. A great mood shot. I would be in places like these, with a compass in hand and slowly veer to the right up the hill ... avoiding the dells and staying on one mini-ridge' and not know where I would come out into the open or on top.

I do like the high contrast really dark and just overblown light. In a great balance .

And , another one by RLBur, somewhere in Tennessee

A wonderful view, technically, spatially, compositionally and all else, but entered only as an exhibit and thus not eligible for a prize.

Thanks for all you works, submissions, discussions and fun we had!


So, the next Challenge is all yours, dear RLBur. Here is a reminder how that are started within 3 days from now by Thursday night or such :

Dear Readers:

Here is the new Challenge with entries due by Mooooooo, 2017, 8 pm CT.

Today's subject is Fooooooooo. Explain why and how .... in your own words and add (max 10) pictures ...

[This is one of my favorite places to be, deep in the woods and to see the slow life of trees, how they congregate, grow, shade each other and still survive to make beautiful ensembles. If I am in a lovely forest, I make it my task to see compositions and images that I can take home.]

[This has been a difficult learning experience for me, forests. I started with consternation as to what I had seen and what I could capture at first, only badly. It took me years to approach such unstructured natural vistas and succeed. Note that I am still learning ...[

[So: hunting season is still far away and you can (I hope) go out and hike, walk, live in the forests near your homes to capture unhumanized ensembles of trees and how they grow in nature.[

[I would prefer images without human traces, such as people, and without "deer, turtle, or snake'. Just images of the twisting and turning tree trunks and their surrounding bushes, grass etc. In daytime and at night, in sunshine and fog, ... , on the coast and so forth ...]

Good luck to you.


NOTE: The First Place winner becomes the host of the next challenge and has 3 days to begin the challenge. The winner can respond through forum post or PM. If that individual doesn't respond in 3 days or declines to serve, the Second Place winner becomes the next host. If that individual declines to serve, the Third Place winner becomes the next host.

1. Submit Entries to win (3 maximum); and/or Exhibits (unlimited). Photos have to be taken by you, using any camera (or cell phone), any time. Processing, composites, etc. are all acceptable. The only thing that counts is the image, not how it was created.

2. Please state in the header of your post: "Entry" or "Exhibit". If a post is not labeled, it will be considered an Exhibit.

3. To post images, reply to this initial post.

4. Please post comments about your images and those of the other participants. That is a big part of the fun of these challenges.

a. ‘Reply’ opens a new blank window, (always indicating whom you are replying to). Write text, insert images, paste internet links, ….,

b. ‘Reply with Quote’ opens a window with all prior text and images intact. You add what you want, where you want. You can delete any of the original material, keeping only what you want to quote.

5. At the end of this challenge, I will announce First, Second and Third places from the Entries in a separate RESULTS thread; and I may select some images from the Exhibits for Honorable Mentions.


Finally another Woods pic, taken in the Sierra Povre, an hour by freeway north of Madrid, Spain, where the land lies devastated, villages all abandoned, forestry and everyone has left .. and we hiked hard, off track and of non-existing paths, compass in hand (no cell coverage, of course ... ) until we came near a road that would lead us back to our car 1 mile away. And we sacked out on a patch of grass, ate our provisions and just enjoyed the scene of trees above our resting heads:

This is what the world looked like then. See and Enjoy!

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