would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

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Re: would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

Download the Nikon D850 brochure. It was seeing the night images at super high ISO that blew me away and seeing that capability alone would have triggered my purchase of the camera.

The D5 is a very task oriented camera designed for sports photographers and new photographers (though there are very few left these days). It enables a high enough ISO setting to use action stopping shutter speeds even in low light situations. To achieve this level of performance it uses larger pixels at the expense of resolution, same as with the Canon 1d X camera.

I don't shoot sports and for wildlife and landscape and people and night photography and other shooting, the D850 is the best camera currently available. For action shooting where I cannot fill the frame then the D500 surpasses the D850 with both higher resolution and a full viewfinder (unlike the D850 in DX mode).

For my needs the D850 and the D500 are a perfect combo. I sold my D800e and bought the D810 and then sold the D810 and got the D850. I bought the D500 to replace both a D7200 and the D750 for wildlife photography. I will probably hold onto the D750 as a FX backup camera for the D850.

I hated having a D8xx, D750, and the D500 as I needed 3 different types of memory cards and 3 different card readers. Add the D5 and I would have needed a third type of battery and two different battery chargers. Hardly an ideal situation.

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