Yongnuo YN-622N iTTL triggers and YN-622N-TX features/bugs "busted" (read this, if you own these!)

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Godox X1T usage

AndyW17 wrote:

The Godox R2 stuff works perfectly. No fuss, no muss. AND, as a benefit, there's also a passthrough capability that's probably not documented. Here's what I found.

FYI, the top hot-shoe on the X1T on the Canon and Nikon variants isn't exactly a full pass-thru as explained here . More information here and here .

I have the Xt32N and also the X1N (TTL) triggers. If I put the X1N trigger on the camera and have all groups set to M (a,b,c), then I can keep the XT32N with me and use IT to set levels via the test button remotely while metering. The power levels on the X1N DO NOT MATTER, but they have to be on the same channel, of course.

When the camera is triggered, the X1N on the camera sends out the "fire" signal, but the flashes are already set for power by the XT32N and the X1N trigger just passes through the fire command. As long as I don't touch the test button on the X1n (which changes the power for the groups to whatever it's set to), this works flawlessly for metering without having to take the trigger off the camera to fire test shots.

That's a very convenient technique and I use it with my YN 560 flash gear while flash metering. While doing this I will also use the YN flash triggers to trip the shutter when the camera is on tripod.

X1T custom function 8 set to default "---" makes this technique possible. If you set it to "ON" then the X1T settings are sent to the remotes with each signal to fire. The "ON" setting allows two shooters to share the same set of remote speedlights at their own preferred settings.

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