DXO, photos to photons, BSI and Sensor Efficiency

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Re: Sorry for nitpicking

JimKasson wrote:

57even wrote:

Also, looking at the filter frequency absorption ranges for some production sensors, it seems the upper end response is limited by the IR filter, not the red filter.

Most CFA's are nearly transparent at 850 nm.

I thought he meant the upper end of the visible spectrum.

That really puts a big dent in photography done in the shade in natural environments. Both shaded areas in deserts or mountain peaks, and in green-filtered forest understory, are red light deserts, making for the bulk of noise in many wildlife photography scenarios.

I wonder if the IR-cut filters have to be so strong into visible red wavelengths by their nature, or if they are this way to keep green as the leading highlight channel in a variety of light sources?

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