Will we ever see one with phone-like UI?

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Re: Will we ever see one with phone-like UI?

hawk15 wrote:

Even for traditional controls, a phone UI can objectively improve things (ie time it takes to make a change), especially on the APS-C alphas compared to the current menu system.

I'm not sure there is any proof to back up this opinion.   What smartphone or smartphone type UI has been used successfully with a device that has the physical controls of a camera like the A6500 or A7rII?   Many of us rely heavily on those physical controls in conditions that make it hard to use the menus (with or without a touchscreen).    I'm also not aware of any smartphone UI that addresses the level of customization you have in these cameras.    I'm not saying the camera companies can't learn something from the smartphone UIs because I think they can but at the same time there are tons of differences that have to be considered.    My Samsung Note 8 camera is great and it's easy to use until I want to use the more advanced features at which time it gets pretty clunky and that's not even considering trying to use it in difficult conditions.

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