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TVProducer wrote:

so I have a Sony A6000 and I plan on beginning to do a lot more hired work with it. However the lenses are an issue. I have a sony native 35mmf1.8 , kit 18-50, and 55-210 4-6ish variable. I have researched and know many people use metabones to adapt canon lenses. Is this cheaper than just buying native? Mind you I have no canon glass as of yet. AF will be a huge thing for me. I would also buy glass that is FF because I want to future proof once I upgrade to a non crop body from Sony. Can I get some advice?

I have myself purchased Canon lenses since going to Sony, on a Metabones.


Don't even think about this on the A6000.  You need the A6300 at a minimum for the improved PDAF algorithms.

Also, since I bought the EF85/1.8 USM and the EF50/1.8 STM, both now have affordable native equivalents, reducing the advantages of going with adapters.

The performance gap between adapted glass and native has dropped significantly over the past two years, but it's still there.

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