Here's my latest shoot

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Here's my latest shoot

Using M10 Mark II with M.Zuiko 25mm F1.8 lens at F4, Heliopan linear polarizer, Exp Comp +0.3 and Exposure Bracketing at 0.3 EV increments. The 3 shots I like best happen to be at Exp Comp zero in the bracketing series.


This past Saturday morning I had an outdoor shoot of a new apartment building that's just opening. It was a simple shoot since I only did the exterior, and I'd already been there once before on a scouting trip to determine spot I wanted to shoot from and approx time of day for best possible shadows from that location.

I had planned to stay in my preferred spot and shoot every 15 minutes from 11 AM to noon, which was the time span of day my earlier scouting trip had determined best.

Note: I'm in Northwest Washington State. At this location sun is overhead at 2 PM (on my watch - Pacific time) this time of year. So shooting from 11 AM to Noon Pacific time was 2 hours earlier than it sounds with regard to position of sun. True midday here is 2 PM this time of year.

I didn't have to stay until noon because at 11:36 AM I realized the sweet spot for shadows had arrived, or so I thought at the time. No point in staying longer. So I left.

I later found in meta data that my favorite 3 shots were taken from 11:27 to 11:28 AM. Still, I was correct to leave the field at 11:36 because I was correct that it wasn't going to get any better for shadows and lighting. It was starting to get less good.

The shots are weakly polarized because it was late morning and it was hazy with light, bright, partly cloudy skies. I would have preferred a clear blue day with white cotton ball clouds, but can't have everything.

This was an exterior only shoot. Rather simple since I'm only looking for one good shot, but there's some things you don't know from the photos. I had to find a position that hid the construction workers' honey bucket toilet from view behind a tree trunk, as well as hiding a fork-lift behind fence and tree trunks. The construction isn't quite finished.

They haven't done their final touch-up painting yet either. There's some white blotchy areas on the fence in front. I'll have to remove those in post.

There were 6 telephone and power lines in the sky in the photo. I couldn't find a position that hid them, but I was able to crop out 4 of them using Gimp. I will use clone tool to remove the big fat one that remains in these pics I'm posting here. The skinny one will have to remain since it goes across building and would be more work to remove than I'm willing to put in.

Hazy clouds kept passing in front of the sun. So the lighting changed every 20 to 60 seconds. Contrast varied from too low, to too high, to just right, and everything in between. Complicating all this is I had to shoot between cars (busy highway).

So not quite as simple as it might first seem to be.

I was sitting on my electric mobility scooter while shooting, which was an advantage (for once). It got me a low perspective that put most power lines in the sky above the roof-line. That makes it a lot easier to remove power lines later. This is the first time being on a mobility scooter gave me an advantage for perspective. Ha! I'll take it.


I'm posting the 3 shots I like the best. I'll choose one of them later and then put in the effort to remove the fat power-line from the sky in post.

The photos were taken 1 minute apart. So sun was in approx same position. The lighting is somewhat different in each photo because the wind was moving the hazy clouds fast across the sky, sometimes partially blocking sun. Lighting changed every 30 seconds.

See 3 photos below. Note differences in lighting, shadows, contrast, etc. Which photo do you like best?

Leica M10 Olympus E-M5 II Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm F1.8 Olympus OM-D E-M10 II
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