A12 28mm. 2.5 ...is it as good as the GR?

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Re: A12 28mm. 2.5 ...is it as good as the GR?

Marathonianbull wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Hi...was wondering how good then A 12 28mm lensor is...on the GXR ( of course)

Will I get similar I.Q. as with my GR (16MP APS sensor)..or the GRI ?

Same I.Q.



They seem expensive to get now..and was wondering if worth it...



IQ? Excellent, due to some big, generous luminous colorful pixels, Ricoh's sharp lens (such as the 18.3 = 28mm or 33 = 50mm), and a very tighly adjusted correcting processor in each case.

Physically, a GXR frame with the aforementioned A12 (12 Mp) 28mm Ricoh lens module may look and feel like a little sturdier, slightly denser Ricoh GR / GR II.

Hard to avoid talking about Ricoh's fabulous A12 M-mount module for M lenses! While not a "lensor" per se (just an adaptating mount with its own sensor), this module drops the low-pass filter of the others altogether for creating even more sharpness.

I believe the A16 has no AA filter...so also more detail/ sharpness than the A12 lensors.

Plus, almost flawless Full Color Shading correction, Peripheral Illumination correction, and Distortion correction!!!

Cool stuff. Currently I have no lenses...never really shot film, other than small point and shoot cameras...and briefly. So the M mount is a future possibility..not a current desire.

These meticulously built-in functions all converge so as to allow interesting MF possibilities (bokeh, hyperfocal DoF) involving more intricate focal lengths (i.e. wider angles), various optical styles (Leica vs Voigtlander vs Zeiss, etc.), and of course personalized color / B&W filters thanks to Ricoh's impressive color customization playground in-cam!

Two tiny P&S zoom modules (the S10 and P10), with smaller sensors (CMOS 1/1.7 and 1/2.3) can also become surprisingly handy, versatile, powerful. Have never owned nor tried the behemoth A16 (16Mp) zoom module, as I find it somewhat bulky in appearance.

It is...although it is pretty light..but awkward at first. But...it is the only lensor with 16MP and no AA filter....plus starts at 24mm...to a useful 85mm.

Overall, I find that the GXR can produce spectacular images! See for yourself more detailed specs and a few great sample images of each module here:


Thanks for the link...and your comments!


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