would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

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Re: would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

Derek Z photo wrote:

If u work as a full time photographer, my suggestion is go for D5; if it is for personal hobby or freelance or travel then for sure D850.

I am a full time pro and I have to ask, how is it that you come to this conclusion? Because I stopped buying the bulky built in grip style bodies once the D700 came out, have never looked back. I sold my D810 and have a D750 and D850, will likely get a second 850 because of how good it is.

As for what the OP is looking for, you do know that Adobe updated CC Photoshop camera raw to process D850 files over a month ago, right? I think while the D5 may offer better performance at higher ISO's, the sheer resolution increase of the D850 over the D5 will easily make up for that when it comes to rendering stars. For example, even though my D750 was better at high ISO's than my D810, I always preferred the higher res for rendering fine details like stars.

And in conclusion, I have to say that for the first time ever, when using my D850, I don't have to illuminate the foreground of a night shot like I did before in order to compose it because the VF brightness of the D850 is markedly better. I was stunned the first time I used it when doing night work with a 20mm 1.8, I could actually compose the photo by starlight. I am not sure how the D5 compares in this regard but the D850 is game changer when it comes to the VF alone.

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