would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

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Re: would you swap a D850+S750+D800e ----> D5?

T O Shooter wrote:

vbuhay wrote:

Some one peaked my interest on the subject since I was trying to go from D850+D750+D800e+D500 to D850+D500 to lighten my load and Bulk...

the above would be an alternative

I am holding my decision until I get the LR upgrade to be able to process D850 Raw images...

Let me know your input. I really need to evaluate Night sky shooting with the D850 (with the 14-24) in RAW before I can make a decision, I have never shot the D5. if I am not happy with the D850 for night sky, I will rent the D5 and evaluate it against the D850 night sky...

Do you mean an actual swap - here's my 850, 750, 800e and I'll take your D5? If that was the case, seems like you'd do better by selling and buying.

Would not an 810a be what you need? I'd have no problem ditching a 750 and 500 for a D5 well D4s, but not sure I'd part with the 850. Although I've never used one.

As I said, I currently have the D850, D750 D800e and the D500. I am trying to go to D850+ D500 which I think covers my needs....and lightens my load and Bulk...

Some one has indicated that the D750 is better in low light night sky shooting than the D850 which I like shooting but have not tested since I do not have the lightroom upgrade which enable me to shoot and process RAW files... One of the reason I got the D850 is for night Sky shoots....If I find that it is true and I do not find the D850 superior to D750 or the D850 nightsky shooting, then I would look at the D5 to get me to two bodies instead of 4....Yes I would sell my D850, D750 D800e and buy the D5 if that is the case.

Getting the D810a would not accomplish my goal of lightening my weight and Bulk (by replacing the D800e with the D810a).... I am actually liking the colors, AF speed/accuracy and low noise out of the D850 even when shooting in Jpeg fine only....

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