Long Live the Camera!

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Re: Long Live the Camera!

OR DXOlabs are wrong ?

sure most ppl are all about convenience, always has been, that is why inferior photography has always existed.

my dad had a 'brownie' box camera, took great B&W, a fixed lens, very small but worked, and i suspect better in many ways than many cell phones.

but a google study and i am sure several others show how pathetic cell phones (google used their own) compared to both aps-c and 35mm sensor cams, and there was no comparison really, the cell phone was dreadful.

but the test was high ISO conditions, and FIFTY shots via cell phone could still NOT equal a single shot of the aps-c or 35mm sensor cams, but closer to aps-c than the 35mm sensor of course.

the study was trying to determine how/when a cell phone's 1/3" sensor could equal the typical best standard currently offered.

so until a cell-phone can take so 50-100shots in low light conditions, large sensors win.

but also to extrapolate back, the same may be said of normal light conditions.

so maybe cell phones are equiv to the old 110 film type captures, good enuf for family get togethers but for art or commercial use, not likely yet.

so if DXO shows the merging, then maybe DXO is WRONG or their measuring is very suspect !

SjorsDW wrote:

JS Burnie wrote:

Don't trade your camera for a phone - or magic beans.

Well to be honest, somehow I’m actually concerned about the future of "the camera" if this trend continues.

This shows the IQ of the iphone vs the entry level Canon DSLR systems... what will happen in the next 10 years?

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