Poll: What is your LCD screen preference?

Started Oct 15, 2017 | Polls thread
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Poll: What is your LCD screen preference?

I've used cameras with all sorts of LCD screen types. My own personal favorite type is the screen that tilts up and tilts down. Some folks prefer the kind that swings out to the left and is fully articulated. I have always assumed those folks wanted that type of screen for video work, but I could be wrong.

So I am curious. What do you folks prefer?

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I prefer the fully articulated screen. The kind that swings out to the side, like the one on the EM1 Mk II, GH5, Pen-F, or G85.
46.9% 113  votes
I prefer a conventional tilt up AND tilt down screen. Like the one on the EM1 Mk 1, the GX85, or the EM10 series.
48.1% 116  votes
I prefer a tilt up only OR tilt down only selfie screen. Like the one on the GX850, LX10, or EPL8.
1.2% 3  votes
I prefer a fixed LCD screen that doesn't move at all. Like the one on the LX100, GM series, or EP1, EP2 or EP3.
1.7% 4  votes
I prefer a camera with no LCD screen at all. Like the Leica M-D (typ 262). I know it's pretty expensive, but it comes with a real leather strap!
2.1% 5  votes
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