Long Live the Camera!

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Re: Long Live the Camera!

webber15 wrote:

SjorsDW wrote:

JS Burnie wrote:

I don't believe that those scores are directly comparable. Different testing procedures and scores for cameras vs. phones, no?

Thats true! But you cant deny the IQ of smartphones skyrocketed during the past 7 years. New multi-lens systems like the "Light L16" kickstarter projects are just the beginning...

This product will not succeed in the main consumer market...

Maybe specialized applications only...


Someone probably said that exact same thing before the first lens/camera was put into a mobile phone!

That particular model may not succeed but multi lens systems will. if they can do more than what one lens can, why wouldnt they? ( i was going to be even more pedantic as my phone already has more than one lens in it.)

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