fuji X-E3 or olympus E-M5ii

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Re: fuji X-E3 or olympus E-M5ii

Ronsol wrote:

Dan_168 wrote:

Ronsol wrote:

ltiple format sensor camera so I would put my $1600 lens in front of a better sensor.

My only comment in response to your misleading statement re the "tiny M4/3 sensor" is to read this to see how minimal the actual size difference is.


OK, thanks for the link, but I now own all three format sensor camera so I have the actual sensor to see so I don't need any chart or review to tell me how many mm or inch one is better or smaller, I do know between the FF D850 or A7R II or APS-C D500 and MFT OM-D 10 which sensor offer better image quality though regardless one is Much or tiny bit bigger or smaller.

I made no reference to image quality; merely that your description of M4/3 as "tiny" is somewhat misleading, in that the difference in size compared to APSC is not much, as was implied.

OK, got it, points taken.

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