Will we ever see one with phone-like UI?

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Re: Will we ever see one with phone-like UI?

hawk15 wrote:

As phone cams and double-cams improve, the UI is becoming the bigger point of differentiation that I notice.

I can take a multiple pics while taking my time with exposure on each and get an automated pano, albeit requiring internet. Filters can be applied instantly that used to take at least minutes + a learning curve in pp. Photospheres are pretty awesome and don't need internet.

I'm reluctant now to get a new body with a traditional UI. Will Sony ever try a phonecam-based UI? Samsung did a while ago but their entire camera line was doomed. Maybe a QX update is also in order.

If you gave me an iphone with a FF sensor and the ability to change lenses it would drive me crazy. The ease of use that you get with smartphones is great when you want limited control and just want to take pictures effortlessly. Once you need more control with more layers of settings it won't be so user friendly in my opinion. You also have to factor in physical controls on a camera which isn't a concern for smartphones.

That said, Sony has some applications that do some of the things you mention here like digital filters. I'd like to see Sony learn a little bit from the smartphones and make those applications more intuitive and user friendly.

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