Just ordered a Panasonic G7

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Just ordered a Panasonic G7

Well, I just pulled the trigger and ordered a G7 from B&H. I own a Sony a6000 and like it a lot but have been wanting to branch into 4K video.
I would have considered buying a Sony a6300 to get 4K capability but was stopped by reports of overheating while recording 4K video and the high price of the body.

I also looked at lower-end dedicated video cameras like Sony's AX100 but was turned off by the lack of any ability to change picture settings so that a flat picture could be obtained for colour grading in post production.
Canon don't offer anything in 4K unless you're willing to spend at least $3K in US dollars to get their latest prosumer model, the XF400, which looks like a warmed-over version of their existing high-definition-only XA20, 30 and 35 models.  Panasonic are pretty much the same when it comes to an entry-level 4K dedicated camcorder. I simply don't have that kind of money lying around and would have trouble justifying such an expense for what is essentially a hobby.

The deal offered by B&H was quite attractive - a brand new Panasonic G7 with a Panasonic 14-140mm telephoto zoom lens for $899USD, which is $200 less than its original selling price. Taxes and currency exchange in, I'm looking at a total purchase price of $1300.00.

To get the same kind of capability from Sony, I would have needed to buy a Sony a6300 body for $898US and a Sony 18-200mm zoom telephoto for $898US, or a grand total of $2500 in Canadian funds after currency exchange fees and sales taxes/import duties, or almost twice what it will cost me to buy the Panasonic kit.

I was initially reluctant to buy into the Micro Four-Thirds system due to a perception that the Panasonic's 16MP sensor versus the Sony's 24MP would mean lower image quality.
However, many of the image samples from the G7 that I've seen suggest that there is not much difference in image quality. If anything, I noticed that the colours from the Panasonic seem a bit muted and less vibrant than the Sony.
However, I downloaded a sample RAW image that was taken with a G7 and played with it a bit in Adobe Lightroom. I found that by changing the colour temperature and making a few other adjustments to colour balance, I could pretty closely simulate the look of the Sony.
Doing some quick mathematical calculations, I discovered that the M43 sensor is just 61% of the size of the Sony's. If you upsized the M43 sensor 1.38 times to match the size of the APS-C sensor in the Sony, you would be able to accommodate a maximum of 22MP. The fact that Sony's APS-C sensor is rated for 24MP suggests to me that the pixels in the Sony may actually be a bit smaller. In short, image quality of the G7 is going to be roughly on par with the Sony. Not that this really matters much, since I mainly plan to use the G7 for video.

The more I learn and read about the G7, the more impressed I am with its features and capabilities. It really seems like it offers a lot of bang for the buck, so I'm really looking forward to receiving mine.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Sony a6000 Sony a6300
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