olympus E-M5ii or fuji X-E3

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Re: olympus E-M5ii or fuji X-E3

Easy Rider wrote:

Well I must have had a very unusual version of the EM-5 II in my hands then as that AF is literally blazing fast. One thing about fuji though - and only based on my X100 series experience - if it confirms focus, you can guarantee 100% you got focus. Very reliable.

That is indeed one of my issues with Olympus PenF, particularly vs Fuji. Not only the Fuji X-E3 now focuses very fast but sure seems more reliable.

OP, I do not find any of the Fuji JPEGS washed out? Provia matches most camera's 'standard' profile, Velvia is pretty much any camera's 'vivid,' The rest are a bit too quirky for me,but far from washed out.... For B&W man, they are very good especially wen you set up your customised preferences...

All that said though, like you I prefer to start from a RAW file, 99% of the time using the Provia preset in ACR and take things from there (unless social, family snapshots etc... then a JPEG is fine...) and will use SEFX PRO 2 ll from RAW all day long for B&W over a JPEG... I only shoot JPEG as a more easy to preview file to judge what my RAW files is like....

Do I wish I could take perfect JPEGS that need no PP every time?

Am I that good however (I do street which is very fast and tough...?)

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