My RX10 Mark 4 goes birding Part 2

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My RX10 Mark 4 goes birding Part 2

I have been out testing the AF and tracking. I took 1270 photographs, representing 17gb of space apparently. And I still have 43% of the battery left which I think is impressive.

The lighting was pretty dire, I have hardly seen the sun since getting the camera; I had no idea that the sky had such a wide range of grays available so my EV ranged from plus to minus in the space of minutes.

I took a number of static shots as well as birds-in-flight. I did well previously with the FZ330 with static shots, many of which have earned compliments and a couple which have done well in competitions. I expected these today to be better and, even allowing for the awful light, they were. I may post some in another thread.

I used Continuous mode throughout, whether taking static or in-flight shots. I was in either Aperture or Shutter priority depending on what was going on. When in-flight I used each of the various continuous shooting speeds, but mainly the mid one. The fast is amazing but does shut down the camera while the buffer is clearing the images. My focus point also varied, but was typically Lock-on AF:flexible Spot M.

It took me a while to get the hang of things, I struggled to get lock on the birds at times. At say 40-50 yards against a darkish background I had little chance (remember this is a test of AF) so learned to wait until the bird was nearer me before getting lock. In those where I hadn't got lock on what I wanted I ran up an impressive number of blurred images very quickly although the plants in the background looked good!
it is disconcerting when you have the target right in the middle of the square and those PD-AF squares are off dancing on the left hand side having clearly found something much more interesting. More annoying, I also found that in some cases the bird was in focus but the eyes weren't, I will find a way round that and promise not to mention pinpoint again!

Anyway, this is a number of shots of a European Eagle Owl from a sequence of 27, every single one of which was in focus. These are straight from the camera jpegs and I have done nothing to them, in post I will crop some and remove people etc.

This is the first image from the burst

The fifth




And the last seven

I am not too sure what to say so I will simply settle for WOW.
And this is am image I just spotted from an earlier sequence..this one I have cropped. And now to get on with reviewing the remaining 1200+ images.

Growing old is inevitable; growing up, however, is optional.
And I have opted out.

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