Manual Lens Reccommends for Macro- reversed lens mtg

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Re: Manual Lens Reccommends for Macro- reversed lens mtg

petrochemist wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Why do you want to reverse the lens if you are not planning to use "extreme magnification" ?

I suggest an enlarger lens, around 75 to 105mm, on a bellows or a focussing extension tube. It is easy to find adapters from most lens mounts to Leica (M39) thread, and enlarger lenses are still reasonably priced on eBay.

I think it rather depends on what you class as extreme magnification. I wouldn't think magnifications of less than about 4 would be extreme macro's.

I agree. A magnification of greater than about 4x on the sensor is "extreme" -- that is, it is worth while to reverse the lens.

A 50mm SLR lens will typically give around 1:1 if reversed directly on the body, wider lenses usually give higher magnifications when reversed. I think an old wide angle (28mm or 35mm?) gives around 3:1 definitely macro but not extreme IMO.

Adding extension into the game will increase the magnification and in the case of wide angle lenses can get into extreme magnifications quite quickly.

Yes, a wide angle mounted in reverse on bellows or tubes is good for higher magnifications.

Shorter focal length SLR lenses tend to give better results for macro when reversed. Any retrofocus designs also work in your favor by increasing the working distance.

Enlarger lenses are certainly a good option too especially if photographing flat subjects!

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