Medium format look, tachnical explanation

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Re: Medium format look, tachnical explanation

umeet wrote:

PeterDejmek wrote:

3) SO is it beacause MF lenses are somehow different - sharper wide open? Why? Is it easier to manufacture large glass then smaller glass?

If you need to produce same resolution (e.g. 50mpix on FF or 50mpix on MF) on a smaller area, you need to have finer finishing on the lenses. Does this affect today between camera systems? I do not know.

But if you look at Nikon's current lenses, very few of them can out resolve D810 or D850 at fully open aperture. In many cases the lenses cannot even out resolve them when stopped down. This is especially true on corners.

Now take a look at something shot with Phase One with +60mpix or Fuji GFX, the lenses are out resolving the sensor even at fully open aperture. At least on GFX's case, the lenses seem to tack sharp from corner to corner.

I personally think this is the main reason for that MF look. You get much more resolution from the MF lenses on MF sensor, even from fully open aperture. Combine this with the DOF and change in compression (e.g. 85mm FF equivalent of GFX is 110mm, meaning you get more compression on Fuji when the scenery is framed in similar fashion) and you get distinction. I think the distinction is visible even on APS-C vs FF, when e.g. 50mm on APS-C is put againts 85mm on FF.

But this is not really a technical explanation. Just something I have noticed as I wonder should I go for GFX or D850.


That may be a good point. Jim Kasson has been very much impressed with the GFX lenses.

Once you shoot fully open, focusing the lens is a major challenge. An accurate AF system may be as important as the lens.

You mix up thinks with compression. The only thing that can change compression is movement of camera or subject. That applies to all perspective related things.

The one exception I can think of is shift lenses. Shifting the lens does not change compression, but it corrects perspective so keystoning is avoided.

I wouldn't essentially call the GFX medium format, I would rather see it as system optimized for the 44x33 mm sensor format. The same goes for the Hasselblad X1D, but with somewhat different goals. Fuji skipped 24x36 mm and went from APS-C to 44x33 mm. That approach makes a lot of sense.

Hasselblad built the X1D to be compact, and with a very limited lens selection to start with.

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