Travel lenses for the Sony a7 r2

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Re: Travel lenses for the Sony a7 r2

Matt2134 wrote:

Dan_168 wrote:

Darren Pearson wrote:

I think on a trip that extensive (and exhausting) you are crazy taking a bunch of extra lenses/bodies/weight.

Sony A7R2 + Sony 35mm F2.8 ............. aaaaaaaaaaand nothing else.

Body 625 g + lens 120g

Sony 42mp, BSE sensor, FF body with a super sharp fast prime at under 800g. Nothing under that size & weight will produce better IQ.

FF 35mm is just wide enough for landscape, and just wide enough for portraiture, just fast enough for low light and stupid light.

As a owner of 35/F2.8 myself, I would say the opposite, it's hardly wide enough for landscape but too wide for portrait and way too slow for low light. so it's the least often used lens I have. Jack of all trait master of noon kind of thing, but if the OP is focus of the " jack of all trait" part only then it is definitely a good option.

Funny how much this lens divides opinion, I’ve never known it with another! 😁

I know, that's why there is no one-fits-all formula, as horrible as a kit lens optically, i can serve some people really well and that's all these people ever need and want to carry. As good as the GM lenses I just can't get some of my friends to bring it on trips......

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