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Re: Leica-style 37mm metal hood...

mring1 wrote:

Rick's definitely right on the flare risk with filters. I learned the hard way: remember to removed any filter if you're shooting toward the sun. Flares are almost impossible to remove. Slows the process down a bit, but filter-free, hood use and manage the sun angle really improves the changes for a good shot. And with those precautions, I have no problems with my 12-32.

I actually use my GM5+12-32 more than I use my E-M5+12-40 now. Easy to carry, quick to deploy, excellent results.

One of the best features of the E-M5ii for me is the DOF preview lock, which allows me to see the flare when shooting into the sun, and adjust position, aperture, or shade the lens with my hand, as the situation warrants. I also ditched the use of UV filters some time ago due to flare, but really should get around to finding a hood for my 12-32. Problem is that it's my stuff in the glovebox, daypack or pocket kit, so anything too bulky will be an issue. Need to find my old rubber lens hoods to see if any will work...

BTW, I agree about the 12-32 being a great pairing with a small body (PM2 for me), but it will never replace my 12-40 - lack of manual focus and close focus abilities is too much of a price to pay for me. But shots like this would never happen with my 12-40... taken after a long day of touring Tokyo on foot, I stepped on board the train, and saw this scene just before the doors closed, about 2 seconds from seeing, grabbing the PM2 from my pocket, twisting the lens, and taking this shot. With a prime, I might have shaved 1/2 s off that...

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