RX10 Mark 4 meets Blue Tits

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Re: RX10 Mark 4 meets Blue Tits

Horacecoker wrote:

Kharan wrote:


Wait, there's a new metering mode!? What does it do?

It's just part of the spot metering mode but instead of just the normal small sized circle appearing in the viewfinder there's a much bigger one available. I think it was made for me! I often use spot metering but sometimes think the actual 'spot' needs to be bigger to cover more area in certain circumstances. Now Sony has provided that option without even mentioning it! Think of it as the missing link between centre weighted metering and normal spot mode. It's there if you want it and it's an excellent addition.

I thought it'd do that. I'll definitely have to try it at some point. I don't seem to suffer as much from that problem, but I can see scenarios where it'd be useful.

I'll tell you another little feature I like that the RX10iii doesn't have. When in play mode any burst shots you have taken are instantly recognisable as they are stacked. You can un-stack them and view them as normal. This means every single burst you take is separated out. It even does it on Continuous Low so if you just take a three shot burst or even a two shot burst you can see that the photos are part of a burst. You can skip over them, play them fast like a movie (24fps bursts) or like I've said un-stack and view them normally. It's a little hard to explain but it's a wonderful new feature that I've not seen mentioned before.

I had read about that. Judging from  your words, it works well in practice (because in paper, it sounds like a wonderful addition, and the kind of "d'oh!" thing that'll have everyone in Tokyo slapping their foreheads).

I'm hoping to find one or two more surprises.


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"Chase the light around the world
I want to look at life
In the available light" - Rush, 'Available Light'

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