New here, would like some advice on my Olympus DSLR

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Re: New here, would like some advice on my Olympus DSLR

GeorgeRutkay wrote:

Accumulating all of the advice given so far, I think I've gotten somethings under what feels to be my control.

One thing which is difficult to get used to is that looking through the eyepiece view finder isn't guaranteed to represent the shutter speed and aperture settings I've dialed in, while looking at the LCD screen does better represent these adjustments.

So at least now when I'm in "A" or "M" there's a better chance of the brightness of what I'm viewing being in-step with the Aperture ring setting on my lens so that at 3.5 the displayed image should be much brighter than it is at 22.

It was darned annoying when I'd dial the Aperture from low to high and the displayed image would not dim. That told me something was very wrong and it would result in the final photograph being either very overexposed or very underexposed. No control at all, very bad.

Not at all wrong or bad...just not what we optical view finder users are used to.

with a milc in a studio the EVF is going to be very very dark and you will not be able to see the subject to focus or check focus. This is when and where live view boost comes in handy.

When it's dark dark, even for an OVF, you can use LIVE view boost to nicely see what you are shooting. Very handy.

i  got used to using an EVF and now find it better than an OVF.

the thing I do is leave live view boost ON and ALWAYS  check the camera's exposure meter in the EVF.

I wonder why they just didn't make a replacement for the rear door of the old OM-10 which could have an attached image sensor on the inside and a small LCD screen and memory card on the outside. No other bells and whistles. Now that would have been my ideal!

Thanks for your answers!


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