Gopro 6 with Karma drone vs DJI Mavic

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Re: Gopro 6 with Karma drone vs DJI Mavic

Bandofbros wrote:

Thanks for the great detailed info. Yes the Phantom 4 Pro is also in consideration, it's just that the mavic and karma are neatly compact. We often use our drone while travelling but we still want as good as possible footage.

The Phantom is not big or heavy compared to a Karma, it just doesn't fold up and the camera is underneath which increases the height significantly.   Carrying it is no problem but it does take up a lot more space.

If you really have little space then consider a Spark, they are only 1080 video and no raw photos (currently) but people are still getting good results from them and they are tiny compared to a Karma - a case of the camera only being able to take good photos if you actually have it with you when the opportunity for a great photo appears.  I would want it with the controller though which means it's not cheap, flying it by waving your arms is very limiting!

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