Panasonic gear in -30 C°

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Powering your G85

Batteries will be an issue, since they hold less charge in cold weather. If you are doing time lapse, you will likely need a lot of power.

You did not say whether you will be near power sources when you are doing the time lapse. If A/C power is available, consider getting the various A/C adapter kits to run the camera overnight.

I bought this for my G85 (there are various other similar devices):

Even without A/C power near where you are shooting, you can use the fake battery adapter in the above unit with a larger 9v battery. I recently got this battery, but I haven't used it for extended periods yet:

Note, there are new regulations about air travel with large batteries. I went for this model instead of the model with more capacity, since the larger capacity battery (100w) was just at the limit of what can be carried in carry on with USA travel rules.

You might need an adapter plug to go between the fake camera battery and the 9v battery. I don't recall whether they ship with adapters or not.

Alternatively to the 5v/9v/12v battery above, you can get a booster from a USB battery charger (5v) to 9v. Be sure to get one that can deliver 9 volts and 1 amp of power (some deliver less than 1 amp, and in some cases the G85 needs 1 amp). I bought this before getting the Talentcell battery above:

If you've not shot in cold weather before, it is useful to include several large plastic bags (gallon or two gallon).  You put all gear into plastic sealed bags when going between cold and warm environments to minimize condensation.  Put the gear in the bag, seal it, and let the camera/lenses adapt to the temp. before opening the bag.

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