I want to use my D7100 to "scan" color negatives - any suggestions on processing the files?

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Re: I want to use my D7100 to "scan" color negatives - any suggestions on processing the files?

graemechapman wrote:


Sorry I have no comparisons and I guess a diffuse light source will be good enough for most people. Certainly a lot less hassle. But nevertheless, a diffuse source will produce a "diffuse" image - it's simple physics.

I used to work solely with Kodachrome 25 and sometimes blow it up 5 feet across.

Not everybody's cup of tea.



Cool shot.

Maybe...but the proof would be in the results in a side-by-side comparison. Diffusion has been the standard for duplicating work going back into the slide duping days, when the Nikon ES-1 came out and probably before. I also did a lot of darkroom work including making 4x5 dupes from 35mm slides using a diffusion enlarger.

I've been doing scanning for years on a variety of scanners, and for several of these years using a DSLR. I'm extremely picky about quality as some of this work has been blown up to over 10 feet wide by commercial clients, starting from 6x6 cm and 3x4 in negs.

Would the results be better using a condenser? Possibly, but I'm skeptical about whether that is true in practice. The scans I do mostly definitely do not have a "diffuse" look. Perhaps a lot of this is due to a carefully-designed workflow, especially with regards to contrast, sharpening, edge-mask sharpening and local contrast enhancement as needed, without overdoing it. My scans hold their own well against drum scans from the same film.

Reading up on comparisons of diffusion vs condenser enlargers, it seems that the main difference is that condensers give higher contrast. In the "old days" this could be compensated for by using a higher-contrast paper. These days we can get far more precise control over contrast on the computer.

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