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Re: Extraordinary

theonetruepath wrote:

BirgerH wrote:

I did not recognize it as irony - I think with one of the last days threads in memory - so I do apologize if so

That thread is what prompted my reply yes. But I must learn to employ this bolding that you use when highlighting sections of quoted text, it might help to make irony more recognisable in a forum where voice clues are regretfully lacking.

We need to get Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory to comment on whether your rigor mortis statement should be considered ironic.  I'm thinking that the D5, D500, D850 more accurately represents a company that is recovering from rigor mortis.  At least that's my hope.  Now if the Nikon mirror-less camera hits a home run we might consider whether it is a company on the verge of a renaissance.

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