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Re: Extraordinary

The only negative thing, which was imported from the D4:

When you use a WT-5/6 with this great camera(s), then you will block the headphone jack. I find this a major design fault, as nikon could transfer the network connection here, as this would make more sense. No one will use WT-5/6 and network at same time, but more people will use a WT-5/6 with headphone for filming and sending the film afterwards to a PC. Maybe Nikon could put the USB-Connector here, but losing the headphone jack is a major design fault at all.

I hope that Nikon will fix this design fault in the next Bodies like D5s or D6.

As i have nothing to complain about the WT-5 itself, when used on my D4. It is the best thing, that i can remember. Now i do not pull out the xqd card anymore, as i transfer the raw files automatically to my PC with the WT-5, all is done by the camera. No cables no card readers, just perfect.

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