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Re: LGG4 takes outstanding photos

Van Nostrand wrote:

Max Iso wrote:

Van Nostrand wrote:

2) The G5 uses the same sensor as the G4, and you can have better image quality if you care to take more time in many situations with manual settings, tripod, and process RAW which comes ready out of the box on G4, G5, G6 and V series. You even get better quality h apps such as the Pixel camera port, and even better with a 3 dollar app called cortex camera, for landscape and static subjects..... slow but you can sometimes achieve results that are in the ballpark of the sensors in 16MP Sony mirrorless which I believe is the same in the D7000.

If you are talking about image stacking they can help with some aspects of IQ but that's not anything i can't do with any camera since i always shoot raw and process on my PC. I also have explored the manual settings on my G5 but there's only so far you can go. If you need a specific SS, IQ is pretty much limited from there no matter how much care you offer.

It's just a limitation of the small sensor and tiny lens.

The main point is, these stacking methods for phones can and does yield major benefits. It's not like processing single raw images on a computer. It's a single push of a button....and done. (takes multiple images 20-50 for example , adjusts for proper exposure in shadows, stacks and aligns, reduces noise while retaining detail all in a single push of a button.

It's true you can improve things a lot with stacking but i wasn't talking about single raws with an ILC, you can stack with them too, some even in camera, and i don't mind doing it in post since i shoot raw anyway. So for somebody like me, having it done in one click in phones isn't all that useful, for others i agree it's great.

But that's really the same comparison from the start, better IQ vs convenience whether it's stacked or singles. And that's really the theme for even non IQ stuff like battery life, ergonomics, ect. Convenience vs capability, it just depends on what each user prefers.

My only issue is when phones are sometimes hailed as catching up to larger sensors, it's just not true. Good enough for many people for sure, but still light years behind aging DSLRs.

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