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Re: Leica lenses on Canon?

Hi Cornu!

I haven't adapted any leica lenses to my Canon gear as of yet. I have adapted Olympus Zuiko lenses and Zeiss lenses to my Canon gear.  The Zeiss being closer to Leica, I'll  tell you about those.  I have an 85mm prime and a 50 mm prime. They work quite well once you develop a good method for focusing.  I haven't been able to focus accurately by using the viewfinder.  On my M5 which is mirrorless, I have been able to focus more accurately with focus peaking, but not perfectly.  The best way is to use the magnifier option on the 5DMKIV and the M5. Provided you are shooting stable objects, you can nail the focus this way virtually all of the time.  Hope that helps.

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