Would you pay $1299 for the G1X.3 'L' ?

Started Oct 12, 2017 | Polls thread
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Would you pay $1299 for the G1X.3 'L' ?

Well, with just days, maybe hours, to go before the official announcement it looks like the final piece of the G1X.3 jigsaw has now been put into place, and it's a real shocker!

Price: $1299 (!)

If true, this can only really mean the lens is going to be a high performance one, and might even be given an 'L' designation and a matching red ring (!), like they did with the Powershot Pro 13 years ago .

So Anticipated Spec:

  • 24MP APS-C DPAF Sensor
  • 15-44mm f/1.8-3.7 fixed zoom lens equivalent to ~24-70/2.8-5.8 on a 'full frame' 135.
  • 'L' designation for lens (?)
  • Dust and Weather sealed
  • Built in EVF
  • Similar form factor to an EOS-M M5 but with built in lens.
  • Touchscreen with touch AF
  • Dynamic IS

The only question is how many would sir like....

Assuming this spec, and that the lens delivers high optical performance in line with the spec, do you see yourself buying one?

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No, too expensive for me
39.4% 28  votes
No, camera spec doesn't appeal.
25.4% 18  votes
Yes, regardless of video specifications
16.9% 12  votes
Yes, but only if also has 4k video recording.
11.3% 8  votes
Arbitrary missing answer place holder. Fill your boots below
7.0% 5  votes
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